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“I had the pleasure of meeting and working with Kelly a number of years ago when I was selling a historic home in Palos Verdes Estates. I was so impressed that I then hired Kelly to renovate and update my kitchen. As a designer and contractor, I was thrilled with Kelly’s skill set, her energy, and her enthusiasm. She carried the ball every step of the way from helping me to choose a color scheme, tile, appliances, and accessories. She was hands-on throughout the project and her interest and support never wavered. She finished the renovation on time and on budget more than fulfilling every expectation. Kelly combines astute professionalism with elegance and style. It is without any hesitation that I highly recommend Kelly Keyes Miller for any project you have in mind.”

- PATTY SULLIVAN, Palos Verdes Estates

“My wife decided that she wanted to remodel our home [her decisions are above my paygrade … but … I digress] … she conducted her investigation [whew – she shoulda been a private investigator or a detective] … several of her friends recommended KeyVision (Kelly Keyes Miller). Turns out that Kelly is not only an interior designer but also a CA licensed general contractor … I got the feeling that Kelly really loves what she does, devotes her professional time and energy to ensure that her clients feel they a part of a team effort and that their decisions are valued in reaching a final result. It would be an understatement to suggest that my wife and Kelly bonded … they began to speak a language which was completely foreign to me … they worked together planning and deciding on a final result, discussed furniture, accessories, flooring, door and window treatments, etc.  I became a stranger in a strange land. The results were transforming … our home was updated from the last century … everything felt so comfortable, timeless and fresh … my wife was thrilled. What could be more important than the satisfaction of the chief justice of the court of no appeal?”

- GEORGE & JAYNE ZUGSMITH, Palos Verdes Estates

“We have relied on Kelly’s expertise during several projects in our home and in every case, we have been delighted with the result. Her design sense is unsurpassed and she seems to have access to products and finishes that we could never have found without her help. When we were trying to decide on a direction or a finish, Kelly often made recommendations that were initially outside our comfort zone, but when we followed her advice we were always extremely happy with the result. In addition to Kelly’s design expertise, she provides outstanding project management services which ensure that every job is completed at the highest quality level and in a reasonable timeframe. We will never undertake a project in our home without engaging Kelly and her team.”

- TOM & VALLERIE LIGHT, Rancho Palos Verdes

“If you are fortunate enough to be considering working with Kelly Miller, owner of KeyVision Interiors, then our experience with Kelly may be helpful to you.

Over the past 30 years, we have purchased, remodeled, decorated and sold many custom homes, all without the assistance of a decorator.  When we decided to tear down our home in Hollywood Riviera, we wanted to build a new home that would replicate the design, detail, and furnishings reminiscent of a French colonial West Indies home on an isolated island beach that would exude the aura of inner peace and tranquility.  Gayle had met Kelly Miller during a real estate transaction several years earlier and suggested we see what ideas she had.  We met with Kelly and showed her some rough drawing of our concept.  She listened carefully as we detailed our dreams.  She said she’d love to be involved in our project.  A few days later she gave us a full presentation of concept drawings of each room that were all perfectly on point with our desires.

It was immediately clear to us that Kelly had grasped our concept and understood what we wanted the outcome to be.  We hired Kelly on the spot and she completely immersed herself into the project, working daily with our architect and our contractor and us to ensure every detail was covered.  Over the next 2 years, she brought countless good ideas, took us furniture shopping, spent hours with us reviewing details, while her design staff searched for and acquired the perfect accent pieces.

Our home turned out exactly as we envisioned and much of the credit is due to Kelly’s brilliance in translating rough ideas into finished designs.  We could not have completed this project without Kelly.  She was diligent, painstakingly attentive to details, brilliant in her suggestions and a lot of fun to work with.  Her enthusiasm and excitement were infectious and she motivated everyone on the project to perform at their highest level.  We would never do another house without Kelly’s involvement.  She proved to be the perfect designer for us.”

- SCOTT & GAYLE PROBST, Hollywood Riviera

I enjoyed working with Kelly so much that after my beach house was finished I bought a home in the desert to work with her again! When I bought my house Kelly helped me turn a “nice house” into a “great house”.  Her innate ability to understand my style needs and my preferences was uncanny. From selecting art, furniture, cabinets, window treatments to the flooring and paint – I love every room of my house, as well as the flow from room to room. She gets my highest recommendation for creativity, savvy and professionalism.”

- AMY POWERS, Redondo Beach & La Quinta

“Kelly Keyes Miller is a talented, creative and flexible Designer.  She has transformed my empty, newly built Malaga Cove home from top to bottom.  She understood my budget and found a way to create a unique & beautiful home for us.  Whether it is an exterior, complete renovation or a simple update, you will be in good hands with Kelly and her team. She now has a new approach to design using Photo 3D rendering: they create the exact visual of the end result so you can envision every detail of your space before actually creating it.  This allows you to make changes and ensures you will love it.  I highly recommend Kelly Keyes Miller & her team at KeyVision Interiors.”

- ELAINE McRAE-WILCOX, Palos Verdes Estates

“When Kelly first met with us, we knew right away that she had the experience, creativity and class to pull this together for us. She was a dream to work with and honest to a fault.  She doesn’t push or try to upsell, yet at the same time she provided sound advice and good ideas.  Our input was superfluous; we could have stayed away and let her decide everything. She was very patient with us and talked us through all of the details making us very comfortable with the project.I want to personally thank you for the excellent job you did for us in our home. Your work is first class. Every step of the way, you were a dream to work with. I appreciate your attention to detail and that it was never necessary to check up on anyone to make sure things were being done right. You are certainly a cut above the rest.  You have a lot of experience and excellent ideas that you put into motion seamlessly. Your creativity is remarkable and refreshing, always with class. There is not one detail or issue that was compromised. A job done right the first time which exceeded expectations and perhaps most importantly, without any drama. Thank you for taking such good care of us, from start to finish.”


“We purchased a home in July 2016 and through a friend met and hired Kelly to help with the decor and design.  She was truly amazing. She actually oversaw our move, the packing of our art work and other important things.  Kelly was there from day one. On several occasions, I have called Kelly for pillows, awnings and many other things.  She has always been available. Our new home is beautiful!  She incorporated so much of our own antiques and added exquisite fabrics for drapes and furniture. Our house is now complete.”

- LAVONNE RODSTEIN, Palos Verdes Estates
“Kelly, thank you so much for your excellent design ideas for my kitchen and dining areas. You made it so easy for me to make my decisions. The new furniture ties in perfectly with my kitchen remodel especially with the paint colors we chose just a few years ago. You and your people followed up on the delivery schedule and my new dining room looked great for my holiday entertaining. Looking forward to updating the living room later this year. Start thinking of fabric colors for the tie in…”
- CHUCK O'MALLEY, Redondo Beach

Kelly Keyes Miller, of KeyVision Interiors, is an intuitive and talented designer and decorator. She creates a beautiful  environment for her clients, and she listens to and understands her clients’ preferences and tastes. Kelly is a pleasure to work with, and  she works very efficiently to provide the very best for her customers. I highly recommend her without any reservation.”

- DR. DAVID & HILARY BLOOM, Palos Verdes Estates

“Are you kidding me! You have enough nerve to ask me to write a few sentences or a paragraph about my experience with you!? I could write a chapter – maybe a book – of how wonderful it was working with you! When we were building our house, one the smartest and best decision I made was working with KeyVision and Kelly Keyes Miller. After several meetings, I realized she “got us”. Our house is a home because of her design. Bringing in her ideas just completed the house and added touches that just belonged in our house. I always left meetings calmer because I felt I could trust the team. She was available every step of the way. It was a true pleasure working with such professionals.”


“Kelly is not like your normal interior designer.  She takes a much more innovative and creative approach to each project and provides a concept that is not only unique but also extremely visually appealing.  I had the pleasure of working with Kelly to come up with a conceptual rendering of a worn out condo I had listed in Redondo Beach.  Not only did the concept blow my expectations away, but I must have fielded 50 phones calls asking about it!  I definitely recommend Kelly and her team for your next project.”

- KYLE DANIELS, Redondo Beach

“Kelly, you are exceptional.You are the one percent of human beings everyone seeks out to be with. Kelly, you are simply an amazing individual who solely dedicates yourself to helping others achieve their dreams and goals. We are the fortunate ones to receive your gifts. Thank you for all your commitment, dedication and unwavering commitment to Cengiz, Josh, Oreo and Larry. We are so blessed to have you and your team in partnership with us.

- LARRY PRUTCH, Rancho Palos Verdes

“My family and I live in Greenwich, CT.  Kelly and her team worked beautifully –  long distance – to create the uber classy, quiet and easy to live with “Old Money Style” we were longing to create! She puts the “Loro” in “Piana,” and we thank Kelly for making our home a gracious, inviting sanctuary for our daily lives and a lovely haven to entertain our friends!”