Design Process

KeyVision Interiors Design Team

Ideas File

Before we meet in person, I suggest starting an “Ideas File” which helps you refine your likes/dislikes. 

Go big. Reach for the stars. 

Capture pictures of your friends’ homes, online, in magazines, whatever rooms and features make you excited. From colors and fabrics to furnishings, flooring, and tile. They don’t have to make any sense (meaning if you are interested in a remodel but you find a picture of a bathroom that you really like – add it to the file)! 

I will find the common thread and weave it into your project.

– Kelly

My experience of many years allows me to confidently rely on my abilities and inner voice.

- Kelly Keyes Miller


Ideally, we’ll have our first meeting at your house.  We’ll get a chance to know each other as we review your “Ideas File”.  If you don’t have one, not to worry.  We’ll discuss what concepts you like and I will help you realize them.

I believe that our living spaces should reflect the way we live our lives.  I focus on what makes you happy, celebrating the way you live – which is why I emphasize that nothing you really like is ever out of style.  I am fascinated with finding creative ways to dovetails clients’ own pieces into new designs.  For me it’s a lot like curating a beautiful puzzle.  Ultimately, you just won’t be comfortable living in a home that doesn’t reflect your true tastes.

I also want you to feel comfortable with me.  While I will be executing your style, it’s important that you are also comfortable with my design style.  I bring my vision, personality, background, travel, memories, dreams and years of experience to each project.

Once I clearly understand the direction of your project, I will prepare a proposal and contract for you.   I will then walk you through the timelines, costs, and level of work it will entail.  I will also discuss any questions you may have before starting your new job.

Kelly Keyes Miller
Interior Design Firm Worker Palos Verdes


We will come and take measurements,  photograph the existing room (or rooms) and review our “plan of action.”   We will start to space plan, pull together materials, fabrics,  furniture, flooring and lighting.

The next step is optional, though we highly recommend it.  We will create your new designs layering our unique software and developing your new designs in 3D Renderings so perfectly detailed that most believe them to be actual photographs.  The benefit to this is that you can actually see your finished project before a single wall has been touched.  No dust, no mess, no inconvenience.

Our state-of-the-art Renderings take the guesswork out of the equation.   They are unanimously appreciated by our clients.  The renderings often reduce the costs usually incurred with multiple “change orders”.

We sit down together and review the final designs for your approval.


This is where we all roll up our sleeves and dig in…

We visit showrooms and stores to track down the perfect pieces to fit into your design.

I will send you ideas via emails/texts, suggestions, and links to spectacular, often one-of-a-kind items.  We search every available avenue.

And now we build it….

We liaise with contractors, subcontractors, drapery installers, painters, cabinet installers, electricians, home automation, fabricators, lighting experts, stone and tile fabricators, wood flooring, carpet installers.

We continuously track the job progress, have site meetings, order and receive product, coordinate deliveries, oversee installations, make sure everything is not only on schedule, but done right.

The details of the job, our relationships with tried and true vendors, and our communication with you is what set us apart.

You will get project updates – as frequently or infrequently as you’d like, just let us know your communication preference.

Interior Designer Swatches Palos Verdes
Malaga Cove Italian Villa Cabana


This is when the magic happens!  Your dream realized as our team comes to install and complete the project.

The focus here is in the finishing touches.  No detail is overlooked.

Once we finish the installation, with the last piece in place, we’ll have the project professionally photographed giving you the opportunity to have the “Before” and “After” shots of your revitalized space.

Then we leave you to enjoy your new home.

A client once asked me, “What motivates you?”  My answer is simple:  it’s my love of making things beautiful.  Your home will be beautiful.  It will inspire you and be your sanctuary for many years to come. 

- Kelly Keyes Miller