Kelly Keyes Miller

Kelly’s Professional Credentials:

Professional Interior Designer

Licensed General Contractor

GIA Certified in Diamonds, Diamond Grading, Colored Stones

Licensed & Bonded

Kelly Keyes Miller

A huge advantage for Kelly’s clients is her dual licensure as both a designer and a general contractor.  This allows Kelly to design freely having already assessed what is not just conceptually –  but structurally – feasible.  This eliminates possible reengineering which translates to time and money saved.  Expectations stay in check which provides an unprecedented peace of mind to grateful clients.
Another advantage for her clients – one that is unanimously appreciated – is an option to have a state of the art 3D Photorealistic Rendering created.  This image removes the guesswork and confusion about what the finished product will look like.   See examples on our 3D Renderings Gallery.
Kelly brings a lifetime of world travel, collecting art, unique artifacts, and antiques which she often uses in her homes.
It’s my pleasure to take on the seemingly daunting process of a remodel while minimizing client stress, ultimately delivering a home of great beauty and interest.

- Kelly Keyes Miller

Team Members

Erika Tanacs

An Interior Design graduate with a strong background in Architecture, Erika also brings years of experience in stone and tile. Her technical abilities include CAD, elevations, layouts, perspectives, spreadsheets and design details.

She couples her technical talents with her creative talents, allowing her to turn something complex into something spectacular.

“My creativity in the design world helps KVI to build solid, inspired results.”


Istiak Ahmed

An Architectural Designer, Istiak brings his extraordinary talent by way of 3D, 4K Photorealistic Renderings.

His computer expertise allows clients to “view” their finished design before any construction commences.

“My strength is bringing KVI’s designs to life using 3D photorealistic cutting edge technology.”

Ramon Oreta

Project Manager, Estimator, and General Contractor.

Ramon has worked with KeyVision for over 15 years.

He is highly dependable and an invaluable member of the KVI team

“We have a great team and have worked well together for many years.”

When I enter a room, I instinctively sense what can be enhanced or what is missing and create ways to best design the space.  What you don’t put in a room is often as important as what you put in it.

– Kelly Keyes Miller

Kelly's Design Philosophy


Another key to the success of KeyVision Interiors (KVI Design) is the belief that the way their clients live should be celebrated and respected— emphasizing that nothing one really loves is ever out of style. If you love it, keep it. If you don’t, sell it. Kelly is fascinated with finding creative ways to dovetail her clients’ own pieces into new designs. Our living spaces should reflect the way we live our live


The heart of her business is based upon what was said to her years ago by a great designer friend, “A successfully designed house just feels right.” This means that all of the details have come together cohesively and beautifully – allowing your eye to sweep the room in its entirety, never being jolted to a stop by something that is wrong or out of place. It has a natural flow. It takes a lot of skill to make a room beautiful.


Described by clients as “enthusiastic, highly motivated and driven to perfection”, Kelly worked in Ireland on a project, restoring and ennobling a 1730’s Georgian manor. After two years of renovation, it opened in 1999 — heralded as one of Ireland’s hotel gems.