Setia Palace in Portugal
September 29, 2016
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Welcome to my world!


Kelly Miller

Welcome to my world!

I hope to inspire you, to change you (a little bit), to wake up your senses to embrace new ideas AND always…surround yourself with beautiful things!

The design world is ever changing and very exciting. I hope my Inspiration Board will fill you with passion and the courage to make a change!

rattan-1462860-1920-300So let’s start with change… I believed that it can be hard for people to make changes, so start small. Give an old piece of furniture a new look (strip & stain or a different coat of paint?)

You don’t, necessarily, need to spend a lot to make a big difference. Pick out a tired piece and either DIY or take it to your local refinisher. Your whole room can be transformed with that one little.

Surround yourself with beauty…


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