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Happy 2017!

KeyVision Interiors, Happy 2017 - Rundale Palace Latvia Northern Eastern Europe Gardens


KeyVision Interiors, Happy 2017

Happy 2017! The Pantone color of the new year is “Greenery” #15–0343, a fresh spring apple-green.

Though it looks very fresh, new, and modern, Rococo and Adam period architects preferred this distinctive hue for palace drawing rooms, dining rooms, and royal bedchambers.

While definitely bright and cheerful, as with all blues and greens, it's simultaneously soothing and tranquil enough to work on a large scale.

If you find it invigorating, the best way to incorporate it is to paint a living or bedroom accent wall, a secondary room, or a small room in this happy color. Think dining room, guestroom, library, entry, hallway, kitchen, sunroom, nursery, or dressing room. Pro tip: keep the ceiling white to allow the light to bounce around.

Accent this upbeat color with white, silver, or gold trim and details. It also makes a gorgeous backdrop for crisp white painted wooden shelves, in a bathroom, closet, or pantry. Blue and white patterned china looks stunning against this vibrant green.

Because it’s a natural neutral, it works well with all types of wood, especially blond-toned woods such as maple, oak, and pine. Imagine an apple-green painted dining room with clear-finished maple wainscoting---apple pie!

Also consider, as Southern California splashes into the wet season, greening up your landscape. 'Tis the Season to scatter seeds, sow grasses, and plant bulbs for spring flowers.

Or bring the outdoors in: add a conservatory or orangery (greenhouse room) to your house, so you can bask in fresh greenery and full daylight year-round.

"Greenery" can also be used as a perfect accent piece, the zesty squeeze of lime that sets a neutral home off to perfection. Try adding green-painted paneling to a hallway or library. Green and white patterned wallpaper brings year-round cheer to a bedroom, dressing room, or guestroom.

Upholster a sofa or easy chair in green silk or linen. Add green drapes, a rug, a few throw pillows, or other decorative details to enliven interiors in gray, beige, or white palettes. It pairs beautifully with navy blue, silver, or gold metallic accents.

Here’s a simple color formula to play around with:

  • Base Neutral: choose a white, grey, or beige tone.
  • Primary/Main Color: “Greenery.”
  • Secondary/Accent Color: choose from lemon or butter yellow, gold metallic, deep rose-pink, navy blue, inky violet, silver metallic, or glossy black.
What’s your favorite combination? How will you incorporate this fresh spring green into your home for 2017? We’d love to hear your inspirations and ideas in the comments section below.

written by Jill Oliver

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